Download Frosty Tool Suite

Ever since the inception of the concept of video games, developers have been searching for ways to achieve photorealism, marred only by the available hardware’s limitations of the time, from higher pixel counts, visual tricks and Full Motion Videos to painstakingly sculpted 3D environments.

Nowadays, photorealism itself is dictated by more than poly counts and texture sizes, with art direction playing a significant role. Electronic Arts seems to have struck a balanced middle ground with their game engine, whose assets can be altered to create custom experiences using Frosty Tool Suite.

As much as players would like to see their favorite franchise continue with as many installments as possible, the developers behind it oftentimes have to make the decision to move to a different project, depending on the goals of the studio’s management.

One example is the way development for Battlefield V and EA Star Wars Battlefront II was stopped in favor of Battlefield 2042, leaving the player bases of those games without a significant chunk of content, which is where third-party programmers try to fill in the gaps with mods.

Thanks to Frosty Editor, users can take the model of an existing character and alter its textures and structure to replace it with one that is highly demanded by the community as a substitute for new content. One example is Darth Nihilus’ replacement model for Count Dooku, for passionate fans of The Old Republic.

Within the suite, users also gain access to a dedicated mod manager, designed to streamline the add-on injection process directly from their respective archives, while also letting you toggle them to ensure compatibility with the multiplayer portion of a game and avoid getting banned for using custom content.

From simple texture swaps to full-blown model replacements, the Frosty Tool Suite has the necessary features to facilitate a variety of modding operations that let you customize your favorite title before sharing your creations with the rest of the passionate community.

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