Download Black Menu for Google for Firefox

Whether we’re talking about personal or corporate environments, one thing’s for sure: Google has some of the most useful, reliable, and smoothly integrated services and products out there.

Only reserved for Google Chrome users up until recently, Black Menu for Google is a comprehensive extension that probably provides you with the best way of accessing most of the services offered by the tech giant.

Good news for non-Chrome users since Black Menu for Google is now available for Firefox, as well. Some of the provided goodies include Google Search, Google+, Google Translate, Google Maps, YouTube, News, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Google Keep.

Fortunately, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. Click the extension’s icon, scroll way down, and click the “Add” plus-shaped button. You’ll notice the impressive collection of available services, take, for example, Google Play Store, Google Play Music, Google Photos, Tasks, URL Shortener, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Cloud Print, Bookmarks, and many many others.

In short, you can customize the extension to perfectly suit your needs by adding or removing services via intuitive drag and drop gestures. There’s also a nifty section where all the global notifications are displayed and a somewhat simplistic Settings menu that most of you will probably never bother with anyway since the extension works great right out of the box.

To conclude then, Black Menu for Google is definitely one of the best and most useful extensions out there since, let’s face it, most of us use at least a couple of services provided by the California giant. Best of all, it’s not a Chrome-only extension anymore. Firefox users, enjoy

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