Sega Toys Homestar Matataki star projector review

In the early days of reviewing the best star projectors, we found the market was rather limited, offering only a handful of options. Fast-forward to today and the market boasts a plethora of models, each claiming to provide a unique experience. 


Size: 160mm x 165 mm x 162 mm
Bulb Type:
3 Watt LED
Sleep timer:
Yes, in-built sounds
Projection Surface:
5ft x to 8.5ft

Amidst the competition, Sega Toys’ former model, the Homestar Flux, has remained our top recommendation for the best star projector despite becoming increasingly challenging to find. That said, the Pococo Galaxy projector has more recently given it a run for its money. We recently got our hands on Sega Toys’ latest model, the Homestar Matataki and we were eager to get our hands on it to see how it compared to our current top picks.

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