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There used to be a time when Google would treat new Android releases like the big deal that they are. It would dedicate considerable prime time during Google events, keynotes, presentations; each major version would lovingly get its own special dessert name… You get the point – it was a grand occasion!

For one reason or the other, as Android got more and more robust of an OS, the search giant stopped giving such special attention to new Android versions. The culmination of this anti-trend was just a few days ago, at this year’s Google I/O conference, where the company spent something to the tune of several seconds discussing the new Android 15 beta that was about to launch.

99.99% of I/O 2024 was dedicated to one single topic: AI. And not in the context of Android 15, mind you.

Feeling outraged and betrayed, we decided to take matters into our own hands and create some Android 15 noise. We’ve created a special collection of delicious AI-powered 4K wallpapers which we think are in perfect harmony with the nature of Android’s upcoming release, and will surely help you get hyped up for it!

Hit the download button to get the entire collection in glorious, delicious 4K resolution!

Android 15 Vanilla Ice Cream launches into space

Google may no longer be so keen on giving its big Android releases delicious, calorie packed names, but the practice seems to continue, at least internally. It’s been confirmed that the upcoming Android 15‘s dessert codename is Vanilla Ice Cream. So, Android 15 Vanilla Ice Cream, it is! Isn’t that so much sweeter and more personable than just Android 15?

Okay, so the first big theme related to Android 15 has been identified. What else?

While Big G isn’t giving us too much work with here, there is a graphic accompanying Google’s official Android 5 documentation page. I wouldn’t say it strikes me as a particularly professional visual asset, but it is what it is: the Android 15 logo! In it, we can make out a rocket launching into outer space, with the trademark robot looking at it its trajectory.

Perhaps this implies that Android 15 is going to introduce a host of innovative and forward-looking features? The triangle surrounding the scene is in Android’s signature green color, while its rounded corners seem to be in tune with the operating system’s current design style.

The 4K wallpaper collection we’re offering here is inspired by both of these elements: the sweet and smooth Vanilla Ice Cream, as well as the space-themed Android 15 badge.

This is our milkiest collection yet, and we hope you’ll enjoy it, as always, in glorious 4K, right detail and smooth gradients!

Hit the download button to get the entire collection in glorious, delicious 4K resolution!

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