Ubisoft adds an egregious subscription to one of its most popular games and the players are not happy

What you need to know

  • At the recent Manchester Major, Ubisoft revealed its next seasonal content for Rainbow Six Siege, with the standout (for the wrong reasons) being the new subscription model. 
  • R6 Membership will cost $10 a month or $80 a year and goes live in June. 
  • The subscription will provide “exclusive rewards” and a new premium battle pass, but it hasn’t exactly gone down well with players. 

Ubisoft continues to do whatever it can to piss off its players, and the latest in the crosshairs is Rainbow Six Siege. Announced this past weekend at the Manchester Major (via PCGamer), Rainbow Six Siege will, from June, be home to a premium subscription membership. 

Rainbow Six Siege is closing in on being nine-years-old, but remains incredibly popular. On Steam alone, it peaked at almost 82,000 concurrent players in the last 24-hours, which is nothing to sniff at. It’s also one of the few truly popular, competitive FPS titles that players can enjoy on PC as well as console. But as you can imagine, the new R6 Membership hasn’t exactly gone over well. 

Indeed, the fans at the event where it was revealed were quick to voice their displeasure. 

The new R6 Membership for Rainbow Six Siege

An overview of what the new R6 Membership will contain.  (Image credit: Ubisoft)

I haven’t played Rainbow Six Siege in a long time, so admittedly it’s not something that will affect me personally. But once again, Ubisoft seems to be alienating its players in favor of pleasing those with a financial stake in the company. Yes, money makes all of this happen, but it seems clear that this decision wasn’t taken with the people who play the game in mind. 

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