The Internet Archive has been fending off DDoS attacks for days

If you couldn’t access the Internet Archive and its Wayback Machine over the past few days, that’s because the website has been under attack. In fact, the nonprofit organization has announced that it’s currently in its “third day of warding off an intermittent DDoS cyber-attack” in a blog post. Over the Memorial Day weekend, the organization posted on Twitter/X that most of its services aren’t available due to bad actors pummeling its website with “tens of thousands of fake information requests per second.” On Tuesday morning, it warned that it’s “continuing to experience service disruptions” because the attackers haven’t stopped targeting it.

The website’s data doesn’t seem to be affected, though, and you could still look up previous pages’ content whenever you could access it. “Thankfully the collections are safe, but we are sorry that the denial-of-service attack has knocked us offline intermittently during these last three days,” Brewster Kahle, the founder of the the Internet Archive, said in a statement. “With the support from others and the hard work of staff we are hardening our defenses to provide more reliable access to our library. What is new is this attack has been sustained, impactful, targeted, adaptive, and importantly, mean.”

The Internet Archive has yet to identify the source of the attacks, but it did talk about how libraries and similar institutions are being targeted more frequently these days. One of the institutions it mentioned was the British Library whose online information system was held hostage for ransom by a hacker group last year. It also talked about how it’s being sued by the US book publishing and US recording industries, which accuse it of copyright infringement.

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