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The advancements in Web content publishing have come a long way from the days when writing in a plain text editor and then manually transferring content online was the way to go. With the development of the Markdown language and its intensive use in the past years, there’s no wonder that the need for dedicated, specialized markup editors has grown. Markdown Monster is here to rise up to such modern expectations, by providing users with a comprehensive editor, whose take on markup caters to pretty much all possible tasks.

Right from the start, we were impressed by the editor’s stylish design, which manages to keep an overall subtle demeanor to the interface, without having to sacrifice any functionality. To that end, all the standard elements that you would typically find in a specialized text editor.

For instance, one can find elements for formatting text and addressing aspects that pertain to paragraph characteristics and syntax. We feel that Markdown Monster offers a wide selection of Markdown editing features, which offer a highly versatile approach to editing and publishing.

One of the main highlights of the editor is that it offers a good preview of the resulting
Web content, as well as a direct JSON and HTML viewer, render the requirement of third-party conversion processes obsolete.

A set of extra features also address elements that pertain to different aspects, such as screen capturing, as well as script execution. Azure Blob direct conversion is also provided, as well as snippets for scripted text expansion.

This capable Markdown editor manages to offer a comprehensive set of tools for creating text content and publishing it directly to your weblog. Equipped with a versatile set of tools that address editing and publishing, it also comes with a very good previewing module, as well as extra features that address adjacent tasks.

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