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Having gained a fair bit of popularity over these past few years, Trello is now one of the top project management tools. With its handy features that make collaboration feel like a walk in the park and by offering a very visual way to organize boards, you can use Trello for a wide array of work-related and even day-to-day tasks.

With a bit of practice, Trello can even be used as a reasonably competent planner, but this is not exactly a very straightforward task. However, if a more user-friendly Trello calendar feature would be beneficial for you, then you should definitely try Planyway.

Planyway is an interesting Chrome extension that improves the functionality of the Trello web app by a smoothly integrating a calendar. Basically, you can manage your schedule right next to all your Trello boards.

It can be deployed on your computer’s Chrome browser with just a few mouse clicks from its official Chrome Web Store listing, and it only requires that you grant it permission to use data from your Trello account, after the login process.

The first thing that stands out is just how well this extension integrates with Trello’s web-based UI. The useful calendar looks and feels like a native function of the service and not something that a third-party tool could bring.

Fortunately, working with the calendar feels the same way. For example, all your cards with due dates will be automatically displayed within the calendar. Creating new calendar events is also something that’s not challenging as you only need to drag and drop the cards over the calendar. Once you’re finished with the calendar, it can be effortlessly “retracted” so that it does not get in the way while working with other Trello tools.

Taking everything into account, this useful extension has the potential to transform Trello from a web-based project management application into a very powerful planner. Planyway brings forth an efficient calendar that feels right at home within Trello’s web-based UI without obstructing other functions.

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