Download Avira Rescue System

Avira Rescue System is an operating system in itself. It does not work in the traditional way of allowing one to install applications and deal with everyday stuff. It’s meant as an auxiliary system in case your main one fails to boot or simply becomes corrupt.

With this program, you can, before anything else, recover some of your important files from the old OS structures. The provided image file needs to be either burnt or installed on a removable USB device, then booted with help from the machine’s BIOS.

After burning and booting your media, you’ll immediately see a small Ubuntu-based operating system unfold before your eyes. You can execute a scan procedure if you think the reason for your main OS corruption lies in the existence of a virus or you could simply proceed to save important files and begin a reinstall procedure independent of this booted program. The user also gets a basic browser to search for information if need be. No matter how you look at it, this application system screams emergency or backup.

This app system provides a much-needed helping hand in situations where all seems lost. Files can be recovered, corrupted operating systems have a chance of being fixed, and you can rest assured that some basic functionality is there by your side for your comfort. Make sure you use this program as intended. It can also be easily used as a way to scan your OS outside its boundaries, allowing for even the most stubborn virus files to be removed in the process.

Avira Rescue System is your ticket to repairing or improving the way your operating system works. Don’t hesitate to use it as intended, making sure to remember the image file installation procedure and the required BIOS changes for it to work as intended.

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