Microchip Adds 12 Products to its Wireless Portfolio

System designers face many barriers when adding Bluetooth® functionality to their products, from skill and resource limitations to budget constraints to time-to-market pressures to challenging performance and integration requirements. Microchip Technology has expanded its Bluetooth Low Energy portfolio with 12 new products, aimed at providing designers with an extensive array of choices to tackle their unique challenges, effectively lowering barriers across designs spanning from the simplest to the most advanced. These additions include the RF-ready WBZ350 module and the PIC32CX-BZ3 system-on-chip (SoC) that offers the lowest entry point available for integrating a Bluetooth Low Energy microcontroller (MCU) into product designs. For a list of all 12 products see Microchip’s Bluetooth Low Energy webpage.

“The power of choice is increasingly critical when adding Bluetooth to any type of product. Developers need options and the ability to switch between them as their skills and application needs evolve,” said Rishi Vasuki, vice president of Microchip’s wireless solutions business unit. “No other provider makes a Bluetooth Low Energy product that is as easy to use as our plug-and-play modules or provides the same breadth of choices for more advanced designs. And, this is all available from a single supplier who reduces the need to trade functionality for simplicity or innovation for fast development.”

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