Download FindFiles

FindFiles provides software developers with a command-line application ready to help in finding a specific file inside a set of folders.

Running the “Help” command, you will be able to see all the available options and check out examples of using the application. An extended help file with addition options definitions is also available.

The syntax is simple: FindFiles [Options] , where a list of available options is available in the extended help. You can enter the list of files to be checked, and a secondary, optional list of files alongside it.

A custom set of directories can be set as target, and a custom set of extensions can be configured to search through. The application can also be configured to show the complete path of each found file.To narrow down the search results, you can enter a strict list of filenames.

If files are missing, a warning message ca be shown, whereas if files are found, FindFiles can display a complete list of the files found in the target path. In debug mode, the application will display all the files, both found and missing.

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