Download YtDownloader

Despite the ubiquitous presence of the Internet nowadays, there are still situations when you simply cannot have access to the Internet. Regardless of the reason why you can’t connect, the good news is that you can enjoy media files in offline mode.

As the name suggests, YtDownloader is a tool designed to help you grab videos and/or just audio from dozens of websites across the web.

The program comes with a rather rugged interface, but that is quite intuitive especially since it prompts you to paste the URL or ID of the media file. Once you paste, you can choose whether you want the full video or just the audio part. Afterwards click Extract and your download should start immediately. Take note the tool works with one video at a time.

Depending on the download source, you will have several video quality versions to choose from. Moreover, you can grab the subtitles, if available, and you don’t have to download the entire video, but also a particular interval for it. For the latter option, you need to input the start and end timers in the dedicated area.

You will be happy to learn that the tool allows you to download media in high quality lossless formats, such as OGG, Flac or AAC. Then again, if you are planning to play the video on an older device, you have a few other formats to choose from, including MP3 and WAV, for instance.

Whether you are trying to save some resources because you are on a limited data plan or you simply don’t have an active Internet connection temporarily, YtDownloader can come in handy for grabbing your entertainment to enjoy offline.

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