I just tried a robot lawnmower for the first time — here’s how it went

While I’ve had the chance to test out many of the best robot vacuums, I’ve always found myself adjacent to their outdoor sibling: robot lawnmowers. These bots are similar in everything from size to scanning technology. This feels especially familiar in the way they avoid obstacles and map out your yard. Many robot lawnmowers even share smart features found on the best Roombas such as cleaning suggestions and automatically generating a weekly trim schedule. 

Sometimes when I tell people I like reviewing robot vacuums they look at me as if I just shot their dog. A buddy of mine once compared the prospect of taking notes on how a robot goes back and forth to watching paint dry. But for me, there’s an ASMR-like aspect to seeing a machine suck up mess and assigning it a cleaning score. The visual results of a robot lawnmower could scratch that OCD itch to see how effective a robot can be, and has always piqued my interest. My dilemma was never having a yard to test one with.

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