Android 15 update tracker: When will your phone get it?

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Google released the first Android 15 beta on April 11, 2024, with Android 15 beta 2 following on May 15, and the latest Android 15 Beta 2.2 coming in on June 3. This falls in line with the Android 15 release timeline Google published when the Developer Preview 1 rolled out. While all this is great, you might be wondering when your phone will get the Android 15 update.

This article will serve as a continuous update hub for Android 15 releases for all major device makers. We highly recommend you bookmark this article and return to it occasionally to check if there have been any updates for your phone!

If you want to know when your phone will get the previous official version — Android 14 — check out our Android 14 update tracker.

What’s new in Android 15?

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Android 14 was, at best, an iterative update. Yes, it added a bunch of improvements across privacy, security, accessibility, and other areas to do with the inner workings of Android. However, user-facing features were few and far between. Some notable ones that come to mind include the ability to create custom wallpapers, the Health Connect integration, and lock screen customization options.

It’s hard to tell everything in store for Android 15 right now. Google released the first Android 15 Developer Preview back in February, which tinkered with tools developers can use. It features the latest version of Google’s Privacy Sandbox to improve user privacy, extensions for more precise control of camera hardware, and a new framework to help developers optimize thermal, CPU, and GPU management for their apps, resulting in better performance for end users.

Now that we’re out of developer previews and into betas, we have more of an idea of what will come with the OS. For one, Android 15 will offer OS-level support for app archiving and unarchiving. This means infrequently used apps can be archived and unarchived from settings, allowing users to free up space without losing their data. You can also expect some accessibility, privacy, and security features, such as support for Braille displays in Android TalkBack and OS-level API for end-to-end encryption for contact keys. Lastly, apps will be edge-to-edge by default, so they will fit on the entirety of your screen.

Android 15 also brings new data types to Health Connect and partial screen sharing so users can record just an app window rather than the entire device screen. To get a lowdown on everything new and rumored in the latest Android 15 build, make sure you read our Android 15 features hub.

When will your phone get Android 15?

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Naturally, Google’s devices were the first to receive the initial Android 15 beta. However, now that the second beta is official, more OEMs are participating in early build development. Here’s a brief list of brands committed to the beta program as of May 15.

  • IQOO and vivo
  • Lenovo
  • Nothing
  • OnePlus
  • OPPO
  • realme
  • Sharp
  • Xiaomi

Below you will find more details about some of the companies’ beta programs and rollout timelines. We’ll update this list as soon as we receive more details.


You can install Android 15 beta 2.1 on the Pixel 6, Pixel 7, or Pixel 8 series devices, as well as the Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet.


The Magic 6 Pro and the Magic V2 are the centerpieces of the company’s Android 15 beta developer program. In a press release, the company said it would “continue to support developers with the next update to Android 15 beta later this summer.”

IQOO and vivo

The vivo X100 and IQOO 12 joined the Android 15 beta rollout on May 15, albeit with limited availability.

The company noted in a release that the beta will be offered to X100 owners in regions “including India, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Kazakhstan.” IQOO 12 owners in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and India will also receive beta builds.


The Nothing Phone 2a received the first Android 15 beta on May 14. Near the end of May, Nothing opened up the beta to the Phone 2.


On May 14, OnePlus rolled out the first Android 15 beta to the unlocked OnePlus 12 and OnePlus Open.


TECNO didn’t confirm a release timeline but did confirm that the Camon 30 Pro 5G will be part of the Android 15 beta program.

How to try Android 15 beta on other devices

If you don’t have any of the devices above, you can use the 64-bit system images with the Android Emulator in Android Studio. You can configure the Android Emulator to explore all the new Android 15 features, and it also allows you to emulate various screen sizes and device characteristics.

Interestingly, the likes of ASUS, Samsung, and Sony have yet to announce any beta program details. Nevertheless, we’ll update this article as and when Android 15 is available on devices from other Android brands.

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