Download Turbo Play

Turbo Play is advertised as the ultimate audio, picture, animation and video editor and sequencer that provides you with the tools you need to create captivating and high-quality content. With various editing tools and a generous library of preset effects, this application promises to help you obtain create animations and videos that can be easily shared with others.

Upon launch, Turbo Play enables you to choose between an audio or a video project. Once you do so, the main interface is displayed, revealing the extensive work area and all the editing tools. Thanks to the ribbon-based GUI, getting around Turbo Play does not take long. However, since it can produce audio, video and animations, there is a plethora of tools that you can use, which might be a bit confusing. However, once you get accustomed to the workspace, everything will run smoother.

Turbo Play enables you to work with multiple workspaces and scenes. You get an unlimited number of tracks and layers, as well as multiple timelines, all to help you manage the media content with ease.

You can create a presentation containing videos, images and text, as well as animations with 3D content. Everything can be placed in the timeline, where you can easily cut the movie and use the advanced markers to manage the frames easier.

Turbo Play features GPU-based hardware acceleration and comes with a variety of high-quality effects and transitions for your clips. It even features support for After Effects plugins and OpenFX effects.

As for the audio editor, it also allows working with an unlimited number of tracks and multiple timelines. It features polymorphic tracks and it comes with support for VST 3.x, DMX, ASIO, and Remote Control.

The built-in mixer allows media streaming (via a built-in streaming server and a RTP server/client architecture) and comes with auxiliary ports and n-dimension pans. It features MIDI support, keyboard mapping and learning and multiband VST configuration. There is a diverse library of audio effects available as well: Turbo Play features noise reduction, audio filtering, reverb, compression and, what’s comes, it delivers a powerful equalizer.

While the multitude of functions Turbo Play comes with might seem overwhelming at first, this application is a comprehensive toolbox for audio and video producers. There are much more things to discover about it so take it for a spin!

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