AMD and Intel take on Nvidia with new AI chips and pricing strategies – Computerworld

Competing with Nvidia

Analysts say that Nvidia’s Rubin platform can outperform chips from rivals AMD and Intel in terms of raw power. However, the market positioning and unique selling points of AMD and Intel’s offerings will be key factors in determining their competitiveness against Nvidia’s technology.

“Intel, for instance, has been aggressive with its pricing, significantly undercutting Nvidia,” said Akshara Bassi, senior research analyst at Counterpoint Research. “The Gaudi 3 is priced at about $125,000 and Gaudi 2 at $65,000, compared to Nvidia’s solutions that can cost over $300,000. This pricing makes Intel an attractive option, especially considering the total cost of ownership and performance per watt, which are critical for many businesses.”

This means that for foundational AI workloads involving trillions of parameters, Nvidia would remain the top choice due to its superior computing power. However, for more specialized tasks, AMD and Intel may provide cost-effective alternatives.

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