Fibocom Highlights 5G-Advanced and Artificial Intelligence of Things at COMPUTEX 2024

Fibocom Highlights 5G-Advanced and Artificial Intelligence of Things at COMPUTEX 2024

Fibocom, a leading global provider of IoT (Internet of Things) wireless solutions and communication modules, showcased its latest Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) solutions at COMPUTEX in Taipei, Taiwan.¬†The company displayed cutting-edge wireless modules and solutions, demonstrating various AIoT applications such as Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), Smart Retail, Industrial IoT (IIoT), and Always-Connected PCs, underscoring an era driven by advanced technologies. The display was aligned with the event’s theme of “Connecting AI,”.

Propelling 5G-A (5G-Advanced) Deployment with Innovative Modules and Solutions

Under the discourse on 5G advancement, Fibocom highlights the transformative potential of 5G-A with continuous innovations. 5G-A is promised to enhance 5G capabilities significantly by providing lightning-fast communication speeds, up to 100 times faster than 5G with peak speeds reaching 1 Tbps, while reducing latency and enabling 10 times more device connections. Wide-ranging innovations are emerging across industries to leverage 5G-A.

Plentiful AIoT devices embedded with Fibocom’s latest 5G modules were displayed to illustrate diversified applications, including CPEs for in-home connectivity, ODUs and mobile hotspots for outdoor internet access, and routers and trackers applied in the industrial industry. The 5G Gateway embedded with Fibocom’s FG360 can support Wi-Fi Connectivity: 11ax 4×4 2.4G; 11ax 4×4 5G Seamless roaming. Integrated with Fibocom’s FG160, the 5G Dongle can offer the 5G NR Sub 6 SA/NSA for variant devices like laptops, VR HMD, Drones, Robots, and Stream Gaming. Powered by Fibocom’s NL668, the T-Box is a built-in intelligent LTE modem with self-diagnosis, remote telecom carrier switch, and auto-restore.

On the first day of the event, Fibocom unveiled the expansion of its 5G RedCap product lineup by introducing the Mediatek-T300-embedded module FG332 and the FG332-integrated CPE solution. Tailored to enhance RedCap Tech-enabled FWA applications like CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) and Dongle, the FG332 module features a LGA form factor packed into a compact 29x32mm PCB area, facilitating a flexible product design for next-level wireless experience.

Featuring the intuitive design for fast and stable connections, all of Fibocom’s module-embedded FWA PCBA solutions were showcased on-site, Illustrating a plug-and-play FWA experience thoroughly.

Embracing AI-Empowered Connectivity

The integration of AI in communication systems has announced a new era of enhanced connectivity. By leveraging vast datasets, AI has revolutionized cellular transmission, optimizing signal efficiency and paving the way for faster data transfers. At Fibocom’s booth, visitors witnessed firsthand the transformative power of AI in communication, with a showcase of smart modules and devices tailored for diverse applications.

The ECR (Electronic Cash Registers) based on the Fibocom SC138 smart  Module is equipped with intelligent dual touch screens for a next-level user experience. Embedded with Fibocom SC126 smart Module, the Rugged Tablet PC features IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, 2.4G, and 5G Dual-band fingerprint entry, image collection, etc. Also, the panoramic cameras enabled by the Qualcomm QCS605 solution can capture 360-degree vertical and horizontal full-space images.

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