WWDC and ‘Apple Intelligence’ — what to expect – Computerworld

Vision Pro goes international

Apple apparently doesn’t plan to introduce any hardware at the show, but I’m not confident of that; I distinctly remember hearing that before, only to be surprised by a new Mac. What I do think is coming is an expansion into international availability for Vision Pro, which is something developers hoping to work on the platform need. At present, developers cannot get hold of these devices outside the US. 

Software updates

Apple will introduce updated versions of all its operating systems, iOS, macOS, iPadOS and everyone else. These will include simplified Settings/System Preferences apps and more customization options on the Home screen, while most of Apple’s existing apps will be augmented with AI features. Photos could get AI-based editing tools, similar to Smart Eraser on the Pixel. This could also extend to the Health app, which may get better at making active recommendations to Fitness+ subscribers.

And maybe, just maybe, Siri on the HomePod will get a little better at telling the difference between Neubaten and Parton. 

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