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Developers and those who perform specific tasks regarding data processing, such as encoding/decoding, formatting, comparisons, and testing, most of the time might be performing the said operations in different software, according to the characteristics of each specific process. Having a centralized platform for running a multitude of such tasks can not only make the entire endeavor easier but also save valuable time and increase workflow efficiency.

DevToys aims at addressing such challenges, and it was designed specifically in order to offer users a collection of tools for performing some of the most commonly required operations when coding, programming, and processing data of various formats.

Aside from having all the available tools presented in a dedicated side panel, the application also comes equipped with a dedicated search function, which allows users to find the preferred tools more efficiently.

One will be able to sequentially treat data, by relying on each feature and perform encoding, decoding, formatting, as well as testing for RegExps. Hash and UUID generation is also provided, as well as comparison tools for text, coupled with string and markdown preview capabilities for the text data. Lastly, users must be aware that in order to deploy the app, the provided certificate must be installed first.

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