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Getting to know your operating system better might sound weird, but often times it can be quite useful and reveal interesting insights into the workings and potential weaknesses and shortcomings that might be present. Understanding processes and having the ability to enable or disable them can be valuable in the aforementioned process.

ProcBlock aims to allow you such functionality, and by using it you will be able to selectively enable or disable system running process, in an accessible manner.

Right from the start, the application invites you to define a master password, which I found to be a good thing to do, especially if you’re sharing a PC with other users. Having done so, you will need to input it every time you choose to block a particular process.

Selecting the processes is done through the app’s dedicated selector, which will allow you to browse a variety of running processes, but with some shortcomings, which I will detail in the next section.

As stated above, the app will allow you to select your different processes by relying on its dedicated tool. However, there is no way of classifying them or previewing which are active, idle, or inactive.

Not only that, but selecting them is done only one at a time, and this can sometimes make things quite tiring, especially when wanting to address multiple processes simultaneously.

This simple application can help you select and block processes on your Windows system, but bear in mind that the actual process selection isn’t the most straightforward, and if you wish to deal with multiple ones simultaneously, you will have to reiterate the selection multiple times.

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