Mattress vs mattress topper: Which do you need?

Mattress topper vs mattress: Key takeaway

Choose a bed topper if your mattress is less than six years old and otherwise in good condition, yet you want it to be softer, firmer or cooler. Buy a new mattress if your current one is over eight years old (sooner if it’s a cheap bed) and causes you physical pain or shows signs of deep sagging.

When it comes to a mattress vs mattress topper, both can improve your sleep, but to what extent depends on the type you buy. To help you choose between them, we’ve created this comparison that explains how mattresses and mattress toppers work, comparing them in terms of price, comfort, support and temperature control to help you confidently choose between them.

As bed experts we know that investing in the best mattress for your sleep can provide you with excellent full body pressure relief, support and comfort, which in turns help you sleep better at night. Mattresses come in four main types (hybrid, memory foam, innerspring and latex), with the average price of a US queen size costing $1,000 and a UK double costing £899 outside of monthly mattress sales.

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