Download Portable Gajim

The portable edition of Gajim provides a full-featured Jabber client that streamlines the communication between friends or acquaintances who use different instant messengers.

Unlike the desktop edition, Portable Gajim brings to the table some additional pluses: it does not require installation, it can be launched from a portable device, and it leaves no traces on the host system.

Creating a new account is easy thanks to the built-in wizard that guides you step-by-step throughout the entire process. In fact, no guidance is required, as you just have to select the server address and provide the desired credentials. Additional connection settings and profile editing options are also available.

Once your account is created, you can start adding new contacts to your address book. Portable Gajim provides support for various protocols, including gadu-gadu, xmpp, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, ICQ, and the list does not end here. Like in any other chat application, you can set your status and change your avatar.

With a chat window that is bound to seem familiar to anyone, Portable Gajim features emoticons and file transfer support, video and audio conversations, as well as group chats and mass messages.

Thanks to the built-in history manager, you can erase and export logged conversations, while the history manager allows you to browse past chats.

Of course, like any other IM app, Portable Gajim features popup and sound notifications, automatic status change, configurable status messages, and a customizable appearance.

With a few more features left for you to discover, Portable Gajim delivers a reliable chat tool whose functionality can be extended using plugins.

Considering the above, it’s safe to say that it is one of the most worth-having Jabber clients out there.

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