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Status is a free application that comes packed with a bunch of features and offers a robust implementation of the aforementioned features, although it is still in its early stages.

First of all, unlike conventional open-source applications that are small in size and space-efficient, Status is a large package. It is a semi-portable application and the reason why it is so large in size is that it runs a light node onto your machine.

What does this mean? It adds a part of the Ethereum blockchain, more specifically, the header chain, and through future generated requests, manages to offer a full-fledged ecosystem for a branch of the Ethereum community.

As such, the application’s extensive and cool features are intended for those who like to engage in a supportive community, to chat in private windows, to exchange crypto, and to browse the net through a Web3 browser (that works like a container for JS technology).

To give you a bit of context, it is important to mention that Status is the only instance of Whisper. Being part of the Ethereum protocol, Whisper is an instance used for enabling user messaging, for people in the same network.

Separated from other Ethereum applications, Whisper is a flexible and stable instrument that you can read more about on their GitHub page. As such, Status promotes and helps Ethereum adoption, because it allows you to primarily acquire ETH (and other coins) via their platforms, and because it is built onto that technology.

Although in its early stages, Status is already a multi-platform application with extended support for both desktop and mobile devices, being available for Windows OS, macOS, and Linux distributions, and, for mobile, for Android and iOS.

Status is a well-built program that offers a lot of customizations and is modern-looking and extremely intuitive. The app works really well and has multi-language support, a minimalist and secure built-in browsing instrument, wallet support (with the possibility to conduct transactions), and a compact messaging feature.

To summarize, Status is a great application for Ethereum fans, crypto lovers, and users who are interested to see how people in this community communicate and collaborate. From the end user’s perspective, the desktop application is modern and works seamlessly. If you are curious about Status, it is worth trying this semi-portable utility.

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