Phil Spencer says, “Right now, we have more Xbox console users than we’ve ever had in the history of Xbox.”

What you need to know

  • Ryan McCaffery from IGN interviewed Phil Spencer, and he talked at length about the past, present, and future of Xbox.
  • More games are going to more platforms.
  • Third-party game sales have doubled every year for five years, and there are currently more gamers on Xbox consoles than ever before.
  • An Xbox handheld, theoretically, would be native. Not a streaming device.
  • Phil Spencer has totally played Elder Scrolls VI.

The Xbox Games Showcase has come to an end, and it’s honestly one of the greatest showcases I’ve ever seen from the team at Xbox, and Jez Corden agrees. In what many considered to be a down year in gaming, Microsoft delivered what mattered most. Games. Bravo on putting a smile across the internet!

With titles such as Fable getting more looks, Perfect Dark finally being shown, or the triumphant return of a studio like GSC Game World that has battled not only in the offices of game design but in their own backyards, it’s safe to say the show was stellar. Looking back, it’s been an uphill battle for Xbox to reach this point.

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