Annapurna continues to show Xbox Game Pass love with new upcoming games, and I went hands-on with a few

As part of my ever-expanding, ceaselessly bustling schedule for Summer Game Fest 2024, I knew I would be meeting with indie publisher Annapurna Interactive during the Play Days event. I was to go hands-on with three of the publisher’s upcoming indie games, and two are confirmed to be day one additions to Xbox and PC Game Pass. I expected all of this — what I did not expect is the announcement of a third, surprise game during the Xbox Games Showcase 2024 that’s also coming to Game Pass.

With a preview of Bounty Star and Flock, as well as my initial impressions of the gorgeous coming-of-age story that is Mixtape, Annapurna is clearly sharing the love with Xbox Game Pass lately. The service continues to be an excellent place to find incredible indie games across Xbox and Windows PC, and this next batch may be some of the best. Here are my thoughts.

Summer Game Fest hands-on: Bounty Star

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