Don’t wait for Prime Day — our favorite pruning shears just dropped to $54 at Amazon

If you’re a gardening fan and plan to get out into your yard to do some pruning this summer, we’ve just found a great deal that any green-fingered fan will love.

Right now, these Felco No. 6 pruners are just $54 at Amazon — that’s over a $10 saving on the original price. What’s more, the Felco pruners come out top in our best pruning shears buying guide, making them an unmissable purchase. 

As one of the best pairs of pruning shears, these Felco No. 6 bypass pruners are an excellent all-rounder and come with the experience of a thoroughbred company that’s been designing pruning shears since 1948. Plus, these professional grade pruners are lightweight, can cut through a stem or branch that’s 0.8 inches thick,  and are ergonomic to hold.

These pruners are suitable for medium-sized hands and weigh in at 7.7 ounces, making them lightweight so they don’t tire your hands when pruning for lengthy periods. When tested for our buying guide review, they were also found to be suitable for larger hands.

The bright red handles will help you spot them if you leave them in the bushes, and they are also designed with ergonomics in mind. The comfortable handles are rounded and cushioned to help prevent fatigue, which can sometimes be an issue when cutting through thicker stems and branches. 

They also feature a thumb lock, positioned in the central region of the pruner, which can be opened or closed without using your other hand — always an advantage when holding back a branch with your opposite arm. 

The cutting blade is exceptional and performs well on dry and green wood, giving a clean, healthy cut. The hinge mechanism can also be easily adjusted, and the blade can be disassembled and reassembled for cleaning.

Garden professionals highly recommend the Felco No. 6 pruning shears, as they give an all-round, consistent performance, making them a worthy addition to your garden toolkit.

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