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Seamless3d is a powerful tool for artists, game developers, and all individuals who need to create 3D shapes and dynamic, node-based sequences.

Seamless3d is an old-school, super-complex, and extremely solid program for those who don’t expect easy solutions. The free, open-source editor comes packed with many distinct, super-useful, yet difficult-to-learn features. However, the work you will put into learning how to handle the tool is totally worth the effort.

Starting to create 3D models and dynamic sequences of objects that move in a given virtual space should not be easy to learn. Nowadays, some programs promise to offer quick, code-free solutions for super-hard to achieve goals and difficult tasks; most often, these are impracticable solutions and give false expectations to users. Seamless3d is not easy to master, but the duration of the product adoption process seems reasonable for what you can get out of learning how to use it.

Besides a ton of 3D modelling, object-creation, and shape-editing features, the program is super flexible when it comes to how you handle external resources inside the tool; the same goes for using its outputted files in other circumstances and programs. For example, you can import and export gestures from BVH files for your IK-built animations and NURBS-modelled shapes.

You can also import and export VRML and X3D VRML file formats, node-based, animated HAnim 200x objects, and avatars made in Canal+/Blaxxun Avatar Studio. You can export movie-type sequences (POV-Ray, AVI, MPG, MP4, FLV), different variations of the VRML and X3D VRML file formats, JSON files, individual objects, or C++ files for binding nodes.

Seamless3d truly is a feature-packed 3D modeller, animation-creator, and shapes editor. The program is fast and super-efficient, outputs clean files with comprehensive structures and well-documented instructions (the C++ node bind files have super-detailed and easy-to-understand comments for each piece of code), allows for infinite undo and redo, and last but not least, has super-sophisticated creation/editing instruments and tools.

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