Upcoming feature will help Android users who need to immediately use an app they just installed

Currently, when you install an Android app from the Google Play Store, when the installation process ends you return to the Play Store listing for the app with three choices: Uninstall the app, Open the app, or continue browsing the Play Store for more apps. If you want to use the new app right away, you have to press Open, of course. But does this really make sense? After all, you just took some time out from your day to install this new app and that would seem to indicate that you might desire to use it immediately.

Soon, Android apps installed from the Play Store might open automatically after being installed. This is based on code found by AssembleDebug who wrote about it for Android Authority. In version 41.4.19 of the Play Store, code was discovered suggesting that Google is working on a feature called App Auto Open which, by automatically opening apps immediately after being installed, will save you a tap and some time.

A banner across the top of the screen will appear for five seconds once App Auto Open is activated. Besides visually notifying the user, the notification will also make a noise or vibrate depending on how the phone has been set up. The user can also set the feature not to play an alert or have the phone vibrate when the notification surfaces on the screen. Android users will be able to toggle the feature on or off although it will be enabled by default.

The code discovered by AssembleDebug will enable the App Auto Open UI, enable the notification mentioned in the above paragraph, show the App Auto Open notification for five seconds, and have the App Auto Open toggle on by default.

This feature will come in handy when you are looking for an app to install immediately to help you do something specific. Instead of installing the app and then tapping the Open button to use it, you’ll be able to install the app and have it ready to help you right away.

There is no telling when or if we will see this feature available for the Google Play Store but it is something that Google is seriously considering as a helpful addition for Android users.

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