WIN Semiconductors Announces High Ruggedness mmWave RF GaN on SiC Technology

WIN Semiconductors expanded its portfolio of RF GaN technologies with the beta release of a highly robust mmWave GaN on SiC technology, NP12-0B. Core to this platform is a 0.12 μm gate RF GaN HEMT technology incorporating multiple refinements to enhance DC and RF ruggedness and add die-level moisture resistance. NP12-0B integrates multiple transistor improvements providing high ruggedness when operated in deep – saturation/high-compression pulsed and CW conditions. This new rugged technology eliminates the pulse droop behavior observed in GaN HEMT power amplifiers thereby improving the range and sensitivity of pulsed-mode radar systems. Additionally, NP12 – 0B is available with the Enhanced Moisture Ruggedness option and provides excellent humidity resistance when used in plastic packages.

Supporting full MMICs, the NP12-0B platform allows customers to develop compact pulsed or CW saturated power amplifiers for applications through 50 GHz. This process is qualified for 28 V operation, and in the 29GHz band generates saturated output power of 4.5 watts/mm with 12 dB linear gain and over 40 percent power-added efficiency. The NP12-0B technology is ideal for rugged pulsed-mode high power amplifiers used in advanced radar systems.

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