Reference design covers GaN e-mobility charger

Transphorm has released a 300-W DC/DC GaN-based reference design for 2-wheel and 3-wheel electric vehicle (EV) battery chargers. The TDDCDC-TPH-IN-BI-LLC-300W-RD design guide employs four TP65H150G4PS 650-V, 150-mΩ SuperGaN FETs in TO-220 packages to form an isolated bidirectional battery charger. Although the power level of this reference design is only 300 W, it features a full-bridge LLC topology with the potential for significantly higher power levels.

The reference design illustrates a fully analog implementation without processor firmware for the power stage. Simple jumpers manage power flow in this design, but these will need to be replaced with controls that a battery management system can operate in a real product.

Key specifications of the reference design include:

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In addition to EV onboard chargers, the reference design can be used for renewable energy systems, backup power supplies, and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) applications. The design guide and BOM can be downloaded by following the product page link below.

TDDCDC-TPH-IN-BI-LLC-300W-RD product page


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