Microsoft has begun sending out refunds for both the Xbox and Steam versions of the Redfall ‘Bite Back’ Edition

What you need to know

  • Redfall is a vampire-slaying shooter from former Microsoft subsidiary Arkane Austin. 
  • The game was a commercial and critical flop, criticized for an overall lack of polish and uninspired gameplay. 
  • Roughly a year after its launch, Microsoft shuttered the studio behind the game, Arkane Austin, who also created the criminally underrated immersive sim Prey. 
  • Users who purchased Redfall’s “Bite Back Edition” were promised additional DLC, which ended up being cancelled. 
  • Now, Microsoft has begun rolling out refunds to digital owners on Steam and Xbox. 

Redfall was a 4-player co-op shooter set on a fictional island community besieged by vampires and other similar mutants. Developed by Arkane Austin of Prey fame, Redfall looked like it had some promise in its initial marketing cycle, but the full game sadly fell far below expectations. A general lack of polish flanked by uninspired gameplay saw Redfall struggle to stand out in a busy crowd, and thus, unable to find an audience.  

(Image credit: @Halpinat0r on Twitter (X))

Microsoft acquired the studio behind Redfall some time in mid-development, as part of its Bethesda / ZeniMax purchase a few years back. Roughly a year after Redfall’s disappointing launch, Microsoft shuttered Arkane Austin, alongside Tango Gameworks and other Bethesda Studios, as part of restructuring efforts. Incidentally, Redfall’s promised DLC plans were shelved, leaving users who had purchased season passes and associated content early with the game’s “Bite Back” Edition out in the lurch. Now, it seems Microsoft and Bethesda are trying to repair the damage.

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