Download Corner Bowl Log Manager

Corner Bowl Log Manager is a professional software solution that allows users to monitor event logs from their networks. This is a fully-featured tool that can help you obtain important data and statistics about your network activity, and this way you may easily identify application errors.

The user interface is straightforward and all its functions are neatly displayed in the main window of the app.

The program provides multiple preset log reports, such as event logs, security event logs (failed or successful logon, new account, and account management), system logs and text logs. For each report you can specify a name, description, and it’s also possible to schedule a report by selecting the date and time.

You can easily identify the available event logs, download or save them to the log repository. Moreover, the app is able to display all configured computers, devices and logs, and you can sort or select the logs that you want to be reviewed pretty easily.

The program offers the possibility to configure the log filters by adding, modifying or removing them. It automatically archives the consolidated logs, and also merges multiple log files into single view. It is able to archive event logs to SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle or the proprietary file system, as well as to CSV, EVT, EVTX, HTML, TXT, or XML files.

Thanks to its built-in syslog server, you can gather useful data about different devices, such as network routers and firewalls. It also features a built-in search engine that can help you find the log entries that you are looking for, pretty quickly.

You can make Corner Bowl Log Manager send alerts or notifications when log entries are detected, such as sending emails, displaying messages, playing a sound, and many others.

In conclusion, Corner Bowl Log Manager is a handy application that can help you obtain, archive and consolidate the log events. It packs so many useful features, that it can be described as one of the most powerful tools on the market.

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