Download Animated Screensaver Maker

If you are one of those people who like to personalize every aspect of their PC activity and you would rather create a custom screensaver rather than choose a Windows native option, you can try Animated Screensaver Maker.

To help you discover all the functions supported by this app, you can experiment with the built-in sample screensavers, where all parameters are already configured.

You can choose which of the layers are visible, then adjust the colors, motion and boundaries properties – whatever change you apply becomes visible within the main preview section, so you can rest assured the outcome matches your expectations.

You can also set up a playlist with your preferred songs, meaning you can enjoy your favorite music while watching your newly designed screensaver.

Animated Screensaver Maker also comes with a plethora of effects and animations you can overlay on top of your selected background image (JPEG, BMP, TGA and PNG formats are supported).

Alternatively, you can turn to your creative skills and design elements and objects from scratch by using lines, shapes, bubbles, hearts, fires or sparkles.

Once you have set up on your favorite slideshow timing configuration and camera motions, you can move on to the final step of exporting your project and saving it as SCR. This way, you can easily set it as your default screensaver on any Windows-based computer you might be working on.

Animated Screensaver Maker can come in handy whenever you need to create a custom screensaver, yet you do not want to settle with just a basic, static slideshow of your images. You can add animations and dynamic effects that ensure the outcome is not only attractive, but also professionally-looking, and you do not even need to have technical skills.

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