‘Destiny 2’ Knows Titans Are Bad, Will Buff Them, Keep Adding To Prismatic

Well, I just wrote up that Bungie needs to buff Titans in Destiny 2, reflecting a common community sentiment that they are underpowered in the Final Shape/Salvation’s Edge/Prismatic era, and now Bungie has responded.

That was during a Fireteam Chat interview (via Gamepost) where Combat Area Lead Benjamin Wommack was posed the question about Titans, and he said they are indeed working on things:

“I’m not going to lie, we’re talking about Titans a lot right now internally, and looking at that which is not just Prismatic at all. Weighing all that together, and we’re definitely not done touching Prismatic at all.”

That led to a larger point about Prismatic, that they will keep adding and changing things over time:

“We want to keep on adding to Prismatic. It is something that is going to be just as important as adding to the other subclasses. It’s like, a right time and right project alignment on different parts. What part of the game needs your attention the most?”

For Titans specifically, there are old, but also new ways where buffs could help them out:

  • Obviously traditional subclass value buffs, as we always seen, and in that case, they could be for Aspects that also are used in Prismatic.
  • Swapping out or adding Aspects to Prismatic, as I can already envision Void and Strand ones would be better off with alternates than what we’re seeing now.
  • Adding more options to exotic class item perks. Titans did not get a number of exotic perks that might have been gamechanging for prismatic synergy and instead have a bunch of lesser ones.
  • Too many of Titan’s exotic class abilities rely on Barricade, not the available Thruster, which is a hugely popular pick for the class. That could be a significant change.

It does seem like Bungie’s plan is not just to balance Prismatic, but actually add to it, as they say, which would mean new Aspects and Fragments, in particular implying there will be more than just one elemental subclass Aspect per class in the future. That would be immensely helpful, and for Titans in particular. That said, you may understand why Prismatic may be even harder to balance than every other subclass, given the sheer amount of originally unintended combinations and dual exotic perks on top of that.

I certainly hope that the Titan buffs come sooner rather than later, as even though I am enjoying the one good thing about my current build, the rocket exotic chest, everything else clearly needs a lot of work.

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