Download Xreveal

While the name of Xreveal does not state its purpose clearly, it does hit a little at what it’s capable of. This program deals with removing protection on disc media. It’s an interesting application acting more like an interface for bypassing the protection on disc media, seeing as it requires users to load decryption keys if they are looking for more functionality. While discs are not really that much in use anymore, one can’t really miss the opportunity in legally using such an application.

One of the most important aspects for which any individual would go about using such software, provided its legal matters that we’re talking about, would be backing up content encrypted on a CD, DVD or BR disc. Let’s pretend you own a scratched-up version of a highly important music album and would like to save the content on it before it fails for good. You’d need to load the CD and allow Xreveal to do its magic. It’s worth noting that Xreveal will manage everything automatically. No point in wasting time to find a way to activate its powers.

Now, with most programs that deal with some sort of protection removal, the main problem is the process failure rate. In this case, there is no such situation. There does not seem to be any stutter or jam during runtime. Xreveal works fast and based on the options you’ve chosen yourself. Options-wise, you’ll have to deal with general and specific settings, each in the appropriate tab. That said, you won’t have much time to wast on setting up the app. The options are pretty self-explanatory.

Xreveal is not really an application with a huge potential user crowd. On the contrary, applications like these usually deal in small numbers seeing as they have very specific functionality, sometimes even difficult to understand. Applications like Xreveal are for individuals who know exactly what kind of functionality is needed for completing a specific task or project. This means that unless you need to remove protection for a media disc, there is nothing else you could do with this application.

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