Shadow Of The Erdtree’ Too Hard? Bandai Namco Says ‘Git Blessings’

Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree expansion is currently being reviewed poorly by some players who believe that it’s just too hard compared to the base game, and their high level characters keep getting 2-3 shot while they do minimal damage in response.

Well, Bandai Namco, the game’s publisher, has come out with some extremely blunt advice to rectify the problem:

The Scadutree blessing, of course, is upgraded through finding Scadutree Fragments around the map which increases your attack and defense significantly in the Shadow Realm only. Revered Spirit Ashes do the same for your summons.

Without question, this, not level, not gear, not NG+ level, not anything has more of a factor in how hard you hit and how much damage you take than Scadutree blessing level, and after just 24-48 hours since release, I refuse to believe that people are powered up enough to take on some of the content they’re trying.

Scadutree blessing level goes up to 20. For reference, I’m 50 hours into the game and at 16. Later on, it takes 2-3 Fragments to upgrade a level, not one like at the start. The process was always…run into something that’s too hard, go explore, level up the blessing, come back. So far, that’s always worked for me.

I do not think many players understand that you can access probably 75% of the map, especially the most dense parts with the most rewards, without progressing far into the story at all. The main storyline does not include essentially the bottom 50% of the map at all, and there is loads to explore and find there, including loads of blessing materials. The only zones that are hard gatekept by story progression are a few cool-but-relatively empty zones in the north, and then the final boss tower area. Almost everything else is fair game.

I absolutely do not see FromSoft changing anything about difficulty at all here, that’s just not their MO. I mean, this is a studio that gatekept the entire DLC behind fighting a hard, tough to find optional miniboss from the first game, even if that maybe meant refunds or lost sales.

Like Bandai Namco I do not think people are patient enough in terms of hunting down the blessings they need to take on the toughest content. Or you need to change your build and tactics significantly to take on these bosses, as there is no one-size-fits-all approach to any of them. Or maybe people just need to (sigh) get good.

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