AI is starving for more power. Can quantum computing help? – Computerworld

As with any technology, along with the positives there are negatives associated with quantum computing. For example, quantum computing poses a serious threat to the cybersecurity systems relied on by virtually every company, according to CompTIA. The current standard for encryption algorithms, such as RSA or SSL/TLS, relies on the complexity in factoring large numbers into primes, and that’s the type of problem quantum computers are great at solving, CompTIA said.

Startups and established companies continue to accelerate their advances in the quantum computing space. Big tech companies such as Alibaba, Amazon, IBM, Google, and Microsoft have already launched commercial quantum-computing cloud services. Two years ago, Goldman Sachs said it planned to introduce quantum algorithms to price financial instruments as soon as 2026. Honeywell anticipates that quantum will form a $1 trillion industry in the decades ahead.

Quantum computing, meet genAI

Some say quantum computing is a natural partner for genAI and can reduce its energy demands.

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