Download Improve YouTube for Chrome

Improve YouTube! is the perfect solution for creating a YouTube focus mode by removing attention blockers, such as ads, video suggestions, video comments, etc.

As always, Chrome extensions are easy to install directly from the Chrome Web Store. However, given the fact Improve YouTube! is an open-source project, you can always check its GitHub page, download the new version’s resources, compile the code, and stay tuned to the community’s news and announcements.

The options you will find in this Chrome extension are truly impressive. First of all, that is because of the large number of features. Secondly, the add-on offers some extras that are interesting, useful, and quite unexpected. For example, you can configure the general setup and YouTube’s appearance, themes, player behavior, channel display, blacklist, etc.

The design of the webpage can be styled to include a bunch of new things. For example, you can get a one-color background, the player’s color, choose any custom shade, add gradient backgrounds, and change all the webpage’s components — the video details section, the comment section, the footer, the header, the sidebar (hide suggested content and videos), and more.

With this add-on, you can finally focus your attention on the right things. For example, you can hide a video’s comment section entirely, remove ads (which is done pretty well, but not perfect yet; there are still some small, bottom ads that appear during the video’s playtime), block certain channels, or blacklist certain videos (e.g. for parental control).

To summarize, this extension is a must-try. The Chrome enhancer will surely revolutionalize your YouTube experience, and it will surprise you with additional tweaks and changes that it allows performing on YouTube’s page.

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