BAE Systems and GlobalFoundries Partner to Enhance Semiconductor Supply for National Security Programs

BAE Systems and GlobalFoundries Partner to Enhance Semiconductor Supply for National Security Programs

BAE Systems and GlobalFoundries (GF) have announced a new collaboration to strengthen the supply of critical semiconductors for national security programs. Under the strategic agreement, the companies will align technology roadmaps and collaborate on long-term strategies for increasing U.S. semiconductor innovation and manufacturing, with the joint goal of advancing the ecosystem for domestic fabrication and packaging of secure chips and solutions for use in aerospace and defense systems.

Together, the companies will engage in long-term planning for emerging technologies and collaborate on research and development in a range of areas, including advanced semiconductor packaging and integration, gallium nitride on silicon chips, silicon photonics and advanced technology process development. The new non-exclusive collaboration builds upon the longtime relationship between BAE Systems and GF, and further brings together BAE Systems’ expertise in microelectronics for critical defense systems with GF’s expertise as one of the world’s leading high-volume semiconductor manufacturers and the most advanced supplier of secure, essential chips to the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).

Both BAE Systems and GF were recently named as recipients of planned direct funding from the U.S. government as part of the CHIPS and Science Act.

“Our leadership in microelectronics for critical defense systems is predicated on a reliable and secure supply chain and the availability of trusted, uncompromising semiconductors,” said Terry Crimmins, President of BAE Systems’ Electronic Systems sector. “This new collaboration with GlobalFoundries, with its expertise in secure chip manufacturing, is imperative for BAE Systems to advance the overmatch thresholds of technologies, stay ahead of the increasingly complex defense environment, and enable creative solutions to mitigate the growing challenges to both the integrity of microelectronics and their associated supply chains.”

“GF is committed to strengthening the semiconductor supply chain for national security and innovating to meet the future needs of the aerospace and defense sector,” said Dr. Thomas Caulfield, President and CEO of GF. “We are proud to deepen our strategic relationship with BAE Systems, and further strengthen supply chain resiliency. Together, we will accelerate the research and development of a new generation of essential technologies and securely manufacture essential chips for a diverse range of critical defense applications.”

A recent example of successful collaboration between the two companies, BAE Systems leveraged GF’s 12LP and 12S0 technology platforms for custom radiation-hardened by design semiconductor solutions for sensitive space applications. These highly differentiated U.S.-made chips enable electronic systems to withstand the harsh environment of space, while offering power efficiency, area benefits, and a robust design ecosystem to enable cost-efficient and quick-turn prototyping. These chips deliver the performance, reliability and yield of GF’s high-volume commercial sector offerings, tailored to the needs of the aerospace and defense industry by BAE Systems, and manufactured by GF with the right level of security – up to the DoD’s highest security level, Trusted Supplier Category 1A.

GF’s U.S. manufacturing facilities have Trusted Foundry accreditation from the U.S. government to securely manufacture chips in partnership with the DoD Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA) for use in some of the nation’s sensitive national security and critical infrastructure systems on land, air, sea and in space. In 2023, the DoD awarded GF a new $3.1 billion, 10-year contract for a supply of securely manufactured, U.S.-made semiconductors for use across a wide range of critical aerospace and defense applications. The new contract was the third sequential 10-year contract of its kind between the DoD and the Trusted Foundry business team at GF.

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