Borderlands games ranked, worst to best

We’ve yet to see how good or bad the long-in-the-works Borderlands movie adaptation is, but chances are both die hard fans of the sci-fi video game franchise and more casual gamers are looking to play the games in the coming months, and there are plenty to pick from by now. To that end, we’ve ranked all the Borderlands games from worst to best, so you can enjoy your time on Pandora.

For the most part, the Borderlands video games take place on the unruly planet of Pandora and are set in the distant future. Mega-corporations seek control of entire planets to colonize and exploit, yet some colonists have turned their back on them. Pandora is special among these colony world’s though due to the presence of mysterious, advanced alien artifacts which could be the key to incredible technologies (and riches). Enter the mercenary ‘vault hunters’ looking to make some money and the vicious gangs of bandits trying to make a name for themselves through violence.

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