Bushnell Legend 10X42 Ultra HD monocular review

The Bushnell Legend 10X42 Ultra HD monocular is an excellent performer across the board, whether it be for birdwatching or even getting closer to the action at the side of the football pitch. It can be used almost anywhere as it’s very well-made and waterproof. Its inherent characteristics of lightness, small form factor, and ease of use mean that it can be put in a pocket and you’re out of the door.

With 10x magnification, this monocular has that little extra magnification, which proved helpful during a test at a local wildlife center. However, the extra magnification can cause wobble at the furthest magnification unless you have a very steady hand, although we didn’t find this to be a problem while on location. We found the extra magnification to be a plus rather than a minus.  

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