Lego Marvel Venomized Groot review

Essential info:

Price: $49.99/£46.99

Model number: 76249

Number of pieces: 630

Dimensions: 11 inches / 27 cm tall

Recommended age: 10+

Lego Marvel Venomized Groot is an incredibly fun set — and it’s for that reason we’ve called it one of the best Lego Marvel sets currently available. Half Groot, half Spider-man villain Venom, it’s mixing up two different areas of the MCU and, somehow, it works. Whether you’re a Guardians of the Galaxy fan or you love Venom, you’re going to get a kick out of this funky little hybrid.

It’s not perfect, though. Some fiddly parts of the build — and some very unstable parts that fall off with the slightest touch — give us some pause. Despite being aimed at ages 10 and above, we wouldn’t recommend using Venomized Groot as a playset, because it’s not going to last long. There’s still a lot to love, though, and you can read more details below in our full Lego Marvel Venomized Groot review.

Lego Marvel Venomized Groot

There’s no introduction in the Venomized Groot instruction booklet: It’s straight down to business. (Image credit: Future)

Lego Marvel Venomized Groot review: Build

  • At 630 pieces, this is a fairly quick build
  • Some very fiddly sections
  • Not all that sturdy

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