The stunning Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge is now $350 off

Samsung’s Galaxy Book4 Edge is one of the first-ever Copilot+ PCs that runs on a Snapdragon X Elite processor. The laptop has higher specs than its rivals, but those specs come at a higher price, at least until a huge discount went live for the Galaxy Book4 Edge. The $350 discount on the Galaxy Book4 Edge brings the PC’s starting price in line with the Surface Laptop 7 and other Copilot+ PCs running on a Snapdragon X Elite processor. Both the 14-inch and 16-inch models are on sale right now and you can also choose between two versions of the Snapdragon X Elite.

The Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge earned the top spot among laptops in our collection of the best Copilot+ PCs. It’s also the best MacBook Pro alternative in that category. The Galaxy Book4 Edge is available in either 14-inch or 16-inch models, both of which are heavily discounted right now. Regardless of the size you choose, the Galaxy Book4 Edge features an AMOLED display with a 2880×1800 resolution, 16:10 aspect ratio, and a 120Hz variable refresh rate. The laptop also covers 120% DCI-P3 color and hits up to 500 nits of brightness with HDR enabled.

Inside, the Galaxy Book4 Edge features a Snapdragon X Elite processor. You can choose between versions of that chip, including a model with the 12-core X1E-84-100 variant of the Snapdragon X Elite. Naming for the Snapdragon X Elite can be a bit confusing, since there are several versions of the chip. The more expensive Snapdragon X Elite has the best specs, but getting it comes at a higher price. That price jump is due in part to the specific version of the Snapdragon X Elite costing more, but it’s also because upgrading to that processor requires getting a maxed-out Galaxy Book4 Edge in other areas, such as screen size and storage.

The design of the Galaxy Book4 Edge has earned praise from many. Despite its thin design, the laptop has two USB4 ports, a USB-A 3.2 port, an HDMI 2.1 port, a microSD card reader, and a 3.5mm audio jack. Quad speakers and support for Dolby Atmos promise a solid media experience when using the Galaxy Book4 Edge as well.

If you pick up the Galaxy Book4 Edge through Samsung, make sure to take advantage of the company’s trade-in offers, which can save you up to an additional $540. If you prefer to grab the PC through Best Buy, make sure to check out a Best Buy Plus membership first to see if the extra perks are right for you.

The Galaxy Book4 Edge has two main competitors: the MacBook Pro (M3) and the Surface Laptop 7. Luckily, our experts already have dedicated pieces stacking the Galaxy Book4 Edge against its rivals.

The Galaxy Book4 Edge is thinner and lighter than the Surface Laptop 7 and many of its other competitors. Samsung’s flagship Copilot+ PC also delivers a premium experience that includes an AMOLED touch display, a plethora of ports, and options for the most powerful Snapdragon X Elite processor. The 16-inch Galaxy Book4 Edge even has a full number pad, making it one of the best laptops with number pads.

On any other day, someone may choose a PC other than the Galaxy Book4 Edge due to the price of Samsung’s new PC being higher, but with a $350 discount on several models, the Galaxy Book4 Edge beats the competition in terms of specs and is about a tie in terms of cost.

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